Story & Mission

Hey there, welcome. 👋

I'm Conor and I started The Art of VC, a podcast dedicated towards helping young founders and aspiring VCs better understand the asset class.

During my 2nd year of college at Fordham I interned at a VC backed startup in Manhattan called Sealed. One thing I quickly realized is that startups need help... constantly. I ended up getting thrown in the deep end pretty quick and by the end of the internship I had something that felt more like a full time job. I was hooked.

After the internship ended I went back to Fordham to find out where I could learn more about startups and how to invest in them but there wasn't much available. After looking through existing content I kept finding myself wanting to ask VCs one specific question. What actually makes them invest in a company? Then was born The Art of VC.

Think of it like How I Built This for VC with a wider range of perspective. You can now listen to Charlie O'Donnell talk about how SinglePlatform sold for $100 MM while also hearing Jenny Freidman share her excitement over New Age Meat's go-to-market strategy. I've even had an investor come on who was literally 2-weeks into writing the check.

The podcast is a platform to help accelerate the careers of an ambitious collection of young entrepreneurs. I'm a massive advocate for diverse perspectives and the next generation is full of them - it's my goal to help them wherever possible in the VC asset class whether that be getting a foot in the door via a VC job or raising money for a new startup.

Here's a few things I do to make that happen:

  1. Strive for radical diversity in perspective
  2. Keep it somewhat short - I like to get right to the point
  3. Target consistency in format - info on investment thesis followed by a case study

What do I gain from this? I love VC. I love being a mile wide, inch deep and knowing a lot about cool companies. Given that's what I want to do when I 'grow up' this helps me get a head start and meet some of the best in the game.

That's all. Peace & love,